Games and Software
A modern Reddit client for desktop
Made to be intuitive, capable, and customizable.
Beta version under development
Depths of Limbo
Difficult roguelike shooter with a somber theme
The fast-paced combat is spiced up with a variety of unique items and weapons found throughout the procedurally generated world.

Available on Steam
Clockwork Dash
Modern arcade game for iOS
Available on the AppStore
Modern arcade game for iOS
Available on the AppStore
Made for Ludum Dare

The Burdened Raid
3D retro dungeon crawler
Made for Ludum Dare 40
The Cold Cabin
Pseudo-3D exploration game
Made for Ludum Dare 37
Geometry Garden
Colorful and playful shooter
Made for Ludum Dare 35
Crypt of Bullets
Action and puzzle game
Made for Ludum Dare 32
Other Releases

Death of Lily
Stylized 3D demonstration
Made with Unity
Souls in Stone
Platformer with an atmosphere
Inspired by The Valley Rule
Ice Ascent
Retro minimalist platformer
For the fantasy console PICO-8
Action arcade game
Originally released for OUYA
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