Death of Lily
Ambitious exploration game with colorful stylized environments.

Under development
Ice Ascent
Small arcade platformer made in a couple evenings with PICO-8.
January 2017
The Cold Cabin
Exploration game made for
Ludum Dare 37
December 2016
Crypt of Bullets
Retro dungeon crawler made for
Ludum Dare 36
August 2016
Geometry Garden
Playful shooter made for
Ludum Dare 35
April 2016
Prototype E16
Fast-paced arcade game with smooth physics and pretty colors
March 2016
Vacuum Hero
Top-down action/puzzle game made for Ludum Dare 32
April 2015
Souls in Stone
Puzzle platformer with a calm, relaxing atmosphere.
March 2015
Control the gigantic Hellworm and destroy as much as you can.
August 2013