Ice Ascent

January 2017

Oldschool arcade and platform game made with PICO-8.

Pixel Space Hero

December 2016

Tiny arcade game made in an evening with PICO-8.

The Cold Cabin

December 2016

Short exploration game about the cold. My entry for Ludum Dare 37.


November 2016

Minimalist software for viewing sliced spritesheets in 3D.
Made with LÖVE.

Crypt of Bullets

August 2016

Retro dungeon crawler with bullets. Entry for Ludum Dare 36. Made with LÖVE.

Geometry Garden

April 2016

Playful shooter made for Ludum Dare 35. Placed 16th overall!
Made with Unity.

Death of Lily

Summer 2016

Unfinished platform and exploration game with stylized visuals.

Stylized Cabin

April 2016

Stylized 3D cabin environment. Made with Unity.


April 2016

Unfinished platform and puzzle game. Made with Unity.

Prototype E16

March 2016

Fastpaced arcade game with smooth physics and bright colors.

Vacuum Hero

April 2015

Difficult top down puzzle game. Entry for Ludum Dare 32. Made with LibGDX.

Souls in Stone

March 2015

A puzzle platformer with a calm, relaxing atmosphere. Made with LibGDX.

Minor Steps

February 2015

Short puzzle game made in a couple weeks. Made with LibGDX.


May 2014

Minimalist breakout game for iOS (no longer available). Made with LibGDX.


August 2013

Control the gigantic hellworm and destroy as much as you can. Created with LibGDX.

Cube and Creature

July 2013

Difficult platforming game for the OUYA android console. Made with LibGDX.

Face the Truth

April 2012

Strategy/defence game. My entry for Ludum Dare 23. I placed 96th overall. Made with Java.


June 2012

Short platform/puzzle game. Made with Java.

Lonely Tennis

December 2011

My entry for Ludum Dare 22. Placed 24th in humor! Made with Java.

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